Pac-Man Diary #09

I decide to rewrite a lot of the code to do with moving the ghosts. It’s just getting too messy. I’ve now included more arrays so I can configure each individual ghost more easily. As it was, there was no easy way to control the individual speed of each ghost sprite. I also fixed the problem with the eyes.

I also decide to put in some sound effects. Found .wav files for most of the original sound effects including the background siren effect which rises in pitch as the amount of dots eaten increases. While playing around with the wave files I found a cool editing utility on the web called Cool Edit. Check it out if you need one.

Went back and looked at the keyboard controls. This is proving to be a BIG annoyance and is taking up a lot of development time. I can’t seem to get around the fact that holding down a key stops Wobman in his tracks. Searched the DarkBasic forums, but to no avail. I have improved them somewhat, but there must be a way to make control smoother…there must!

My first attempts at implementing the passageway to transport from one side of the maze to the other fails miserably. I realise I’m going to have to make some changes to the way the bitmap currently looks to implement this. Oh man, look at the time….will have to wait until tomorrow.