Experimenting with Quantum

Exit Games, most commonly known for their Photon series of multiplayer game engines, have recently made their new Quantum deterministic physics engine available to the general public. Documentation and freely available samples are sparse at the moment as most are hidden behind their subscription service called Gaming Circle. However, you can still use the engine for free for development purposes.

Therefore, I decided to see whether it would give a more genuine look to a possible Football Superstars remake, since a deterministic physics engine seems ideally suited. The Quantum engine is a whole new engine so you have to learn how to develop for it. You can use it with Unity (Unreal support is in development), but Unity only provides the inputs and view. All the game engine and physics engine code has to be written using Quantum, which has a fairly steep learning curve.

As you will seem from the short sample below, it does indeed seem to do the job as you can remove all the floating/ice-skating player issues that occur on most game engines, including PUN and Fusion. This is partly because each player runs their own physics simulation with the Quantum server handling synchronisation and roll back. You still can’t use root motion, but with a bit of smart coding you can easily simulate it to get solid, foot-planted turns as seen in the original Football Superstars game.

Check out the video below to see it in action.

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