MAME Cabinet #02

I did quite a lot of research into what other people did before embarking on my own project. In the end, I chose to follow the plans provided by LuSid as the design appealed to me and the plans seemed fairly straightforward. You can get lots of information on building/repairing cabinets over at Arcade Controls.

So, first by the wood and any necessary tools! Off to B&Q Warehouse. Here’s a list of what I bought:

  • 3 Sheets of 8×4 (18mm thickness) MDF
  • 3 Lengths of 2mx40mmx20mm rough cut wood
  • 1 Circular Saw
  • 1 Router
  • 1 Pair of Safety Glasses
  • 1 Workmate
  • 2 Packs of wood screws
  • 1 Countersink bit
  • 1 Pack of 3 Clamps

Already owned…

  • 1 Jigsaw
  • 1 Face Mask
  • Various screwdrivers

Quite a shopping list! And this still doesn’t cover all the hardware you need. I’ll add stuff as I come to it.

MDF (at B&Q anyway) comes in various thicknesses all in mm. When choosing my MDF thickness I was thinking in terms of fitting T-Molding to it. The T-Molding I’m looking at buying from Happ Controls comes in either 1/2″ or 3/4″ widths. Whilst 18mm is very close to 3/4″, 12mm (the next size down) is quite a bit off 1/2″. Hence, I went for 18mm MDF. Just something to consider! I should also add that whilst Happ Controls are based in the US they do have an office in Kent, UK. So if you order from within the UK they send it from there.

I bought the Router to cut the groove for the T-Molding. If you don’t want a finished edge you won’t need to worry about either of these things! I wanted mine to look like the real thing.