MAME Cabinet #05

Once you’ve cut all the parts you can start screwing it all together. I started by putting the base together. Having previously built the model helped here as from the pictures provided it isn’t totally obvious what you are supposed to do. Anyway, you get the base section and attach the two lower supports lengthwise down the middle and then attach the front and back plates parallel to these at each end.

When this is done you can attach the two side pieces. I should say at this point that I used batons to hold the cabinet together. I believe that some people just screwed the sections together – those that did generally ran into a problem later in that there wasn’t room to install the T-Molding. So, if you screw your parts together directly, make sure you inset certain sections by about 1/2″ to allow for T-Molding. Personally, I’d recommend using batons as I believe this will give a firmer standing cabinet anyway. Here’s a picture of the cabinet with the two sides attached.

(Edit: Pictures no longer available)

Yep, that’s snow outside the garage. The conditions people work in pursuing their hobbies (obsessions?)!. I live in Aberdeenshire, Scotland and I started working on this between Christmas and New Year when we had about 3 inches of snow. Looked wonderful outside mind you, and I was too busy working to notice the cold!

For the next step I install the lower back section. This seemed a natural progression and I thought it would add some stability to the cabinet so I could move it around if necessary.