MAME Cabinet #07

I’ve placed my order with Happ Controls for two 4/8 way joysticks, 12 coloured buttons, a 1 Player button and a 2 Player button, a coin door and T-Molding. Oooh, can’t wait until it all turns up.

I’ve also ordered my I-Pac keyboard encoder from Ultimarc. I already have a motherboard, CPU (1GHz Athlon), 256MB RAM and a 6.5Gb Hardisk with Windows 95 to run MAME on but I still need some other computer parts, namely: a case, a soundcard and a graphics card with TV-Out. I’d originally planned to use the card in my current computer system as it’s about ready for upgrading anyway. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have TV-Out but you can pick up an old Radeon 7000 with TV-Out pretty cheaply on Dabs. Here’s what’s in my basket – not ordered yet!

ATX Midi Tower 300W – £30.00 inc VAT
Radeon 7000 64MB – £28.00 inc VAT
Soundblaster 4.1 – £12.50 inc VAT

Not too painful! I’m keeping a spreadsheet to log what I’m spending on this project. The current total which includes the unordered computer parts is £256.90. I’m not even finished yet and I haven’t included costs of tools I’ve bought; so be prepared to spend money if you wanna do this!