MAME Cabinet #14

Well, the missing coin door was sent to me within a couple of days of my pointing out it’s absence to Happ Controls – so they’ve redeemed themselves a bit on that one.

I’ve finished drilling all the button holes and completed one of the joystick positions. I wanted a flush finish for the joysticks so I took my time routing out the outside edge of the joystick hole to accomodate the 1/4″ thick edge of the joystick case. There’s a bit of a ridge around the joystick case which may cause a problem getting a flush finish. Either the ridge will be sticking up a bit or if I sink it right down there will be a bit of a dip in the centre around the joystick handle. Need to think about that one a bit more.; may need to fill it in with something.

Anyway, I hope to complete the joystick panel this weekend. No pics for now but I’ll put some up later.