MAME Cabinet #13

I’ve started work on my control panel. Managed to cut the groove (1/16th” router bit) for the T-Molding (after first having a practice on a spare piece of MDF, of course!). Not too bad a job and the T-Modling slots in nicely.

I then played around with a few button & joystick layouts. This took some thought and I’m sure everyone who does this will end up with a different configuration. Anyway, here’s a picturce of the control panel. You can just make out the T-Molding groove around the edge and I’ve also cut holes (1 1/8th” hole bit is perfect for buttons) for all the Player 1 buttons (each player will have 6 buttons).

(Edit: Pictures no longer available)

I’ve decided to cover the control panel with Fablon rather than paint it and cover with Plexiglass as I didn’t fancy the hassle of trying to cut holes in it. I still plan on painting the rest of the cabinet though and I bought some spray paint (Dark Navy) along with the Green Marble effect Fablon to do the job. My plan is to cover with the Dark Navy and then paint some sort of design on top.

Oh, and I realised today that the bottom door of the coin door I ordered from Happ Controls is missing. So I’ll be chasing them up for a replacement. Thought it was too good to be true!