MAME Cabinet #20

I made a start on spray painting parts of my cabinet. I quickly discoverd that spraying directly onto the MDF was not going to work very well. So, I took yet another trip to B&Q after work to look for some primer. I discovered you can buy specific MDF Primer, so I bought a tin.

I gave all parts of the cabinet I plan on spray painting two coats of the primer. Then, I tried the spray paint again and it worked much better with the primer on. Spay paint (I’ve never used it before) gives quite a different type of finish from regular brush on paint. It’s sort of a mottled finish which I am quite pleased with – looks like a real arcade cabinet! I’m also happy with the colour I chose, Night Navy Plasticote.

I completed spraying both the front door and the control panel base. I also primed the rest of the cabinet ready for spraying.