MAME Cabinet #24

After much web searching and thinking about what to use as a bezel I eventually decided to make my own. I based my design on the tutorial from Dens Gameroom.

However, since I didn’t have an existing bezel that I could use as a template, I drew my own design based on the pictures shown. I used a piece of black card mounting board that I bought in an art shop for £3.50. I found that I couldn’t create the one piece shape shown in Dens Gameroom as the piece of card wasn’t big enough (this is for a 21 inch television), so I had to create it in 2 pieces.

I also judged the angles required and tried them out with paper cutouts first to get an idea what varying angles produced. Once I was happy I scaled the drawing up to fit my TV. This basically meant setting the inside edges to fit the 21 inch screen and scaling the rest in proportion. I’m quite happy with the finished result…

(Edit: Pictures no longer available)