MAME Cabinet #25

I bought some Plexiglass the other day from B&Q. After making some careful measurements I marked out the required shapes on the Plexiglass using a felt-tip pen. I knew that cutting this stuff without breaking it was going to be a challenge, but it had to be done!

Fortunately, I only need straight edges so I decided to use the scoring technique to cut/break the Plexiglass. First, I scored along my marked lines using a Stanley knife and a straight edge. Gradually I increased the depth of the cut by repeated scoring. I found you need to score very deeply before trying to break it along the edge. The first one I tried decided to split in the wrong place, but fortunately didn’t damage any bits I actually needed! I scored much deeper after that, almost cutting right through.

Once I got the technique going it was okay and I now have a piece for the Marquee, monitor cover and control panel