MAME Cabinet – Addendum

Another blog I thought I’d lost forever but managed to recover using the Wayback Machine Web Archive. I built this arcade machine from scratch back in 2003. Unfortunately, I no longer have any of the pictures of the work in progress but I still have a few of the finished product!

Sadly, this cabinet no longer exists as I had to dismantle it when I moved to smaller premises. I did, however, keep all of the important parts and they now live inside a cocktail style arcade machine which I built around 2008. It has a proper Wells-Gardner arcade monitor inside it which connects to the internal PC through an ArcadeVGA graphics card. I also added a couple of Pac-Man style 4-way joysticks and some extra buttons to get the genuine feel of those 1980’s vertical arcade games.

This version is still working perfectly in 2021.

The modern day home for my arcade components!

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