Wobbles Futsal Game v0.05a

I wanted to add an animation to pass the ball backwards using a back-heel. Unfortunately, there was no animation for this on the Mixamo website so I had to create my own. I don’t have much experience in creating animations but I know how to use the tools in Blender. I took some screenshots from a YouTube video of Ronaldo doing a back-heel and used these as a basis for the animation frames. The results actually isn’t too bad!

Since I was working in Blender I took the opportunity to update the indoor Futsal Arena as well. I added some colours to the goalkeeper areas, some Futsal logos on the pitch and my own Virtual Football League logo to the centre circle. I also hung some country flags on the walls to make the arena look a bit more interesting.

As a side note, the VFL was a league I created for the original Football Superstars game, but it only ran for one season as the Football Superstars developers finally started an official league themselves shortly after offering in-game credits as prizes.

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