Wobbles Futsal Game 0.06a

For this release I have added some sound effects which I got for free from Videvo. There’s applause for when the players enter the pitch followed by a general looping crowd sound effect. There’s also effects for kicking the ball, the ball bouncing and hitting the back of the net. The referee will blow his whistle at appropriate times.

I’ve also added a gaming sequence. It will now start with the players entering the pitch and moving to their starting positions. The AI players will also return to their starting position after a goal is scored. The player will lose control of his character whilst he automatically returns to the centre circle. The player always kicks off at the moment as I haven’t taught the AI how to do it yet!

I made some additions to the AI but they are still pretty basic. The AI has the ability to pass, but I haven’t coded any logic for it yet. I’ve also disabled tackling for now as it’s too buggy.

I created some new stadium seating in Blender and hung some images of Serene (former Football Superstars team) players on the wall as an example of a themed arena.

Here’s the latest video.

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