Wobbles Futsal Game v0.12a

I’ve added some pitch boundaries to the game so when the ball leaves the pitch either behind the goal, in the goal or out beyond one of the side lines it will be detected. At the moment, the ball just returns to the centre circle after a short delay.

I also added a keeper with a basic idle animation to the pitch. He doesn’t do anything for now, but he has his own animator which I can develop later.

You might also notice that the scenery has changed a little. There is now a new sky and some hills in the background. Also, the perimeter fence has been moved out a bit further. This is mainly because it was interfering with the camera when the player is close to the side lines. I’m guessing this is one of the reasons why the original Football Superstars had so much space between the pitch and the stands!

Below is a short video showing the result of the ball leaving the pitch in various ways. As well as some goals being scored.

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