Wobbles Futsal Game v0.11a

I encountered multiple issues with the dribbling animation shown in the previous version so I removed it. I’ve created a new simpler one which at least moves the ball as if it’s being dribbled but there’s no turn animation as yet.

The other major change is to the player controller. I was using a fairly basic one which didn’t allow for more complex functions such as a free look camera, so I developed a brand new more advanced one which is far more flexible. Free look with the right mouse button is now in use. It’s also possible to adjust the zoom level on you player now (not shown in video) and the vertical pitch is clamped so it doesn’t disappear below ground as was noticeable in previous videos.

I discovered several bugs related to kicking which was causing the server and client to get out of sync in terms of the ball position. I’ve now resolved all of these and haven’t noticed any others so far.

Here’s a short video of two players logged in. I switch back and forth between the two but only the view from player one is shown.

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