MAME Cabinet #11

Having a nightmare trying to get my MAME computer to work on the TV. DOS works fine. Windows works fine. Anything MAME related? Nope. Doesn’t want to know. I’ve tried ArcadeOS – worked fine on my PC Monitor, but all I get on the TV is a scrambled mess. It is working because I can see that pressing ‘1’ to select a game causes a change in the scrambled mess.

I then tried Advance MAME which works by accessing the card direct. Well, I spent hours playing with the configuration programs that come with it but nothing works. I set the configurations manually for a PAL TV but all I get is a scrambled mess. Is it me?

Well, the only thing I can think of to try (no suggestions on my message board posts), is to check that I’ve installed all the latest drivers for the motherboard – maybe it isn’t quite AGP ready. I’ll try that at the weekend. Working away from home all week is a real pain! My other option is to try Windows 98. I tried Windows 95 which whilst it worked fine (including on my TV) it doesn’t support my AGP graphics card and Radeon have no drivers. So, I’ll try again but with Windows 98. I’d hoped to avoid having to run from within Windows, but unless the motherboard driver update fixes it it’s all I have left.

Who said this would be simple?

And guess what? Still not buttons/joysticks/T-Molding from Happ! My last phone call they said it should all be here start of this week. Did it turn up? Nope. I did get an email on Monday saying they were still waiting for the T-Molding to come from USA. So why tell me it was coming early this week? Sorry Happ, can’t exactly recommend you.

Lets see what this weekend brings!