MAME Cabinet #12

I’ve given up on getting MAME to work in pure DOS. I’ve installed Windows 98 and I’ve settled for running Advance MAME in DOS mode under Windows 98. Not ideal, but hey…at least it works.

After two and a half months my order from¬†Happ Controls¬†finally turned up! I think that’s a record for anything I’ve ever ordered. Well, at least it’s all here and looks really cool. Just seeing all those buttons sitting there along with the excellent quality joysticks and coin door. Can’t wait to get it all put together.

I’m least looking forward to cutting the groove for the T-Molding as I know it’s going to be a nightmare. I’ll then start work on the control panel. I’ll need to do some paintwork before completing the T-Molding and buttons though. Spray time!!!