Pac-Man Diary #12

Errr…this diary is waaaayyyy behind. A year and half since I last posted here? Where does time go? Anyway, since my last post I’ve rewritten the whole shebang in Blitz3D, and most recently I’ve tried it with the new BlitzPlus which is designed specifically for 2D games.

The game has been revamped a lot and I’ve now included the full intro sequence as seen in the arcade version, 2-player mode, high scores, well….everything really! I’ve also decided to leave out the banner surround on the new Blitz version of Wobman. I think it was a bit tacky.

I think I’ve now fixed the sound bug that was plaguing me a few months back when I stopped working on it. I think it was just caused by a typo. Duh! The other big issue, keyboard controls, well, it’s a non-issue with Blitz. Nice one.