Pac-Man Diary #13

I did some more work on Wobman last night. Odd things still seem to occur with the sound even with the latest version of Blitz (v1.35). However, I’ve managed to overcome what I think is a bug in Blitz and got the sound working. Compiled the exe and everything still runs okay!

I’ve got a few things to fix before I release the full compiled version on you poor people.

1. Need to fix the siren sound change which get more frantic as the number of pills remaining reduces. Was working previously, but doesn’t seem to be at the moment.
2. Blanks are appearing in the score at certain points
3. Shadow’s speed-up towards the end of a round doesn’t seem to be working

That’s all I know of at the moment anyway. So you could see the release of a compiled (final?) version this weekend.