MAME Cabinet #19

In an attempt to keep some progress going on my MAME cabinet, I decided to take a trip to B&Q (hardware store) yesterday to buy some parts I knew I was going to need:

  • – a piano hinge : The panel at the front which will house the coin door will also swing open.
  • – a ball catch: As with hinge
  • – castors: This cabinet is tough to move without them!
  • – lots of screws

Whilst I was there I had a brainwave regarding mounting the display shelf. I’ve been putting it off until I know what size TV I’m going to put in it. However, whilst in B&Q I spotted those metal shelf parts. You know the ones that come with wall mounting adjustable height bars and the brackets themselves which slot in and hold up the shelf.

Ah! Why not install those inside my cabinet, that way I will easily be able to adjust the height of the shelf any time I liked. Also, by lowering the back two, you can adjust the backward slope of the shelf to your liking. I can’t believe I didn’t’ think of this before. The only thing to remember if you decide to do this also, is that the wall braces obviously take up some of the width in the cabinet so you will need to account for this when measuring for a TV.

To mount the shelf, I simply cut four slots that would slip over the braces. Simple solution and very effective!

So, I also ended up buying:

– 4 steel shelf wall braces
– 4 steel shelf brackets
– some more screws

I’ll post some pictures later.